Oct 29, 2010

Forgetful Dori

Good Morning World:) Do you ever feel like forgetful Dori from the Disney movie 'Nemo'? Well, yesterday was that day for me. First of all, I forgot to put the turkey in the oven! My hubby texts me and asked what's for dinner and I tell him "Well, I kind of forgot to cook the turkey." I am blessed to have a hubby that understands and he even made up for my mistake by cooking spaghetti and meatballs for himself and the teens.

I had to take my daughter to singing school yesterday. Since this is a new blog, I will fill you in on the fact that we home school. My two oldest (boys) are done and in Community College , so my daughter is the only one left homeschooling. Anyway, we were getting ready to leave for singing school and I realized I still had my slippers on. I  have done this SO many times I have lost count!! Not to mention that I often forget to check her work~oops. It's a good thing she is pretty independent!

I also forgot to do some banking that REALLY needed to be done~hubby to the rescue again~only he doesn't know it yet:) I'll just have to use his/our other account for what I needed:) Who knows what else I forgot to do, oh yeah, there was a phone call or two I needed to make.

I am learning not to stress~as much. I still do get overly stressed about stuff, but I am way better than I was. One thing I am going to try not to stress over is this blog. I want this to be helpful and fun for me~not like a job. Therefore, I'm not going to be worried about pictures so much like I used to on my other blog. I do want to post regularly, but having no energy or time for a gazillion pictures kept me from blogging a lot before. Pictures are fun and I do love having them, but I won't let that keep me from blogging:) I will show you a picture of my helpful hubby though. We are a little sunburned in this picture~we were in Florida for our 20th anniversary:)

Since being diagnosed with fibro., I am having to learn what's most important in life and if I have energy left for something else, then great! I know, cooking the turkey was pretty important, but nobody died and we managed. Hopefully today I will remember to cook the turkey! Guess I should get on that now:) Hope you all have a fabulous day and come to see me often!!!

"Be careful that you do not forget the Lord, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery." Deut. 6:12


  1. I usually leave an extra pair of shoes in the car because I forget a LOT! LOL! I also have a couple of set of emergency meals in the pantry. Like spaghetti or mac n cheese w/ ham and broccoli. Where I have all of the ingredients ready to throw together a meal in 20 minutes or so. I leave them put together sometimes in a box or taped together for an emergency. I get to define the emergency. :-) I am glad you are posted on FB. It is easier to keep up with your blog that way.

  2. Hi Lisa! I'm glad I'm not the only one that forgets my shoes! I need to start leaving a pair in the car~what a great idea:) Thanks for commenting! It sure makes blogging fun!

  3. Numerous times I have home with my slippers on. When I cooked for a full family living at home, I used an traveled with me too! :D