Oct 28, 2010

Seasons of Change

Welcome to my new blog!! I have actually had another blog for quite a long time, but I felt the need to 'start over'. I'm learning as I get older that things can change in a matter of minutes. I have had lots of changes in my life over the last few years. Life is never boring with three teens in the house! My health is a never ending challenge and I am in the process of changing what I do for a living. The main thing I have wanted to change is my focus. Sometimes, when life is hard, it is so easy to see all the bad and miss the good. I am learning through illness and yoga to be thankful for what I have. Things may never be perfect, but God is teaching me that HE is perfect! I am learning to trust Him more on this journey called life. I am learning to be thankful even in the midst of pain. God is good and He can NEVER make a mistake!! So, this blog is just going to be a way for me to share what God is teaching me and ways I am learning to cope with Celiac, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue. I hope you'll come and visit often!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog Kim. Thanks for inviting me. I'm sorry you AND your Mom have FM. FM hits everyone differently. You and your Mom may have different symptoms. On the other hand she may be a great resource for you. I understand about wanting to connect with others that may have more up to date info. You are always welcome to read my posts. Check previous posts titles...there may be a topic that might be of interest. Have you checked out Facebook? They have several forums on FM/CF. There are several sites that are talking about celiac. I have a good friend with celiac too. Thanks again for posting on my site. If you would like to talk personally, my email is or contact me on FB

  2. this blog is REDEMPTIVE suffering at it's best!!

    usin' whatever He gives you for HIS glory...beautiful.