Jun 26, 2011

I think I'm done...

...blogging! I have decided to officially stop blogging! I just never think about it anymore and my interest is on other things right now. I still like to read a few blogs, but it is only a few these days. Every time I think I'm going to start blogging on a more regular basis, I get busy or interested in something else. My main focus right now, besides my family and my walk with God, is my yoga practice and studying anatomy for yoga. Who would have ever thought anatomy could be so interesting?! When I very first started blogging a few years ago, it was mainly about gluten free food and honestly I do NOT want to focus on food anymore. Then I kind of blogged about health issues and that gets old real fast! I live with my issues everyday and I don't find it helpful to focus on that either. I guess I basically feel like I don't have much to say and I would much rather have my nose in a book or my body on my yoga mat.:) Thanks for reading!!

Jun 24, 2011

Achy Breaky Heart

I woke up this morning with a very heavy heart! You see, I have recently been keeping up with two sad stories and my heart is breaking for those involved. You can read what I'm talking about here and here. I know God is working, but I also believe we are supposed to grieve and pray for those that are suffering. The weird part is, I don't even know the girl with cancer and the mother of the baby in the hospital, I only met while at yoga retreat last fall. I just know I need to pray for them!

When reading stories like these, it also makes me more grateful for my own life. It makes my illness and problems seem so small in comparison. It also makes me realize that while we can do our best to be healthy~eat the right foods and exercise etc., it is GOD who determines our path in life. I know this, but it seems more real now. It is only by God's grace that I am not lying in a hospital bed with cancer or have a child in the hospital. God is good ALL the time, but some things are hard to understand and our hearts grieve for those that are suffering.

If you read this post, please say a prayer for the Baby Daisy and for Susan. I know there can be a lot of negative things about how dependent we are on technology these days, but one good thing is we can spread the word for prayer faster and farther than ever before!

Jun 18, 2011

The Beauty of Yoga

Yoga is so much more than how far you can reach your leg etc., but it is also a beautiful practice.





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Jun 15, 2011

Work to Do

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Hey there! I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to start posting more often and then~I got a laptop! Yay! It's not a brand new one but it will save my poor back from sitting at the desktop too long. Because I now have this laptop, I can blog from anywhere which will be SUPER nice! I just have some work to do to get everything going on the laptop. it was my son's and there are some things I need to change etc. I also need to download my camera software (which I first need to find!) in order to post any pictures. AND, I need to find a way to keep a certain someone in my house from leaving the laptop on constantly and running my battery completely out! I am actually on the desktop now because my laptop died during the night:( Not to worry though~it is currently being revived. Anyway, hopefully I will be in full swing soon!

I taught yoga yesterday and can I just say I LOVE what I do now!! It was such an awesome class and the ladies are just fabulous! I also have two young boys (9&10) in my class and they do GREAT! One of them is SO cute because he takes me serious when I remind them to make sure they are breathing~SO cute! I love to hear him doing his deep breathing:) We are in the process of finding another place to meet so that I won't have to pay so much rent. I do have a small prayer request too. Not only do we need to find another building, but I would appreciate prayer for growth in the class and prayer that I would receive enough donations to help bring in some income for my family. I am VERY pleased with the turn out so far, but my desire is for the class to really reach a lot of people. As for donations, people are being generous, but by the time I pay what I think is a high rent, I don't make much profit. I'm not in this for the money, but making some certainly wouldn't hurt. I also have a facebook page now that you can 'like' and it would help spread the word:)

Jun 11, 2011

Loving Life:)

Okay, so I bet you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth, huh? Well, I didn't. I've just been busy with life~that kind of happens when you have three youngin's (15, 18 and 20). Gosh, when did I become so old?! Anyway, in my last post, forever ago, I was sharing that I had finally quit work. I'm tellin' ya, I LOVE not working!!!!! When I first stopped working, I was happily catching up on all kinds of things that had been neglected for too long, but that got old real fast. I am happy to have time to do more around my house, but I really don't want my life to be all about cleaning~UGH! My hubby's work schedule is different now so I am also VERY happy to be spending more time with him. We have been trying to walk together about 3 times a week and I LOVE that!

As for yoga, I am teaching one class a week right now and hope to maybe add more later. I don't want to over-commit myself. Did I mention that I LOVE not working?:) Yeah, so anyway, I do also love teaching yoga! It's not a big money maker as I made the classes donation based, but I truly am blessed to be able to teach.

In the health department, I am NOT magically cured because I am no longer working. One of the reasons I have not been blogging much is that I have had a lot to work through emotionally and just coming to terms with where I am physically. Don't get me wrong, I have improved some since quitting work. I am still going to physical therapy twice a week, trying to eat right (that's SO hard), and trying to learn to be active without overdoing it (so NOT good at that one!). I think before I quit my job, I thought that I WOULD magically be better and it was pretty depressing to realize that that was not the case. I am learning not to take the little things for granted and to appreciate what my body CAN do instead of focusing on what I can't do. I DO still have PAIN and lots of fatigue, but I get to stay home and rest when I need to:) On top of that, I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!

Hope you all are doing well and thanks so much for stopping by:) I hope to start posting more often, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Apr 27, 2011

It Is What It Is

Well, today was my official last day of work!! Can I get a BIG Hallelujah shout?! Time to start a new season of my life that does NOT include scrubbing other people's toilets:) As excited as I am, this is also a little scary~like, I really did it~I quit, after 8 years! Yikes! You see, I am the type of person that likes to have everything all figured out and I like to KNOW what is going to happen tomorrow or next week. Now, I HAVE NO IDEA!!

I have taken steps to start teaching yoga twice a week, but ultimately, I really don't have any control over how many people (if any) come to my classes. I'm also nervous about the teaching itself. I don't know how my body is going to feel from one day to the next. You don't even want to hear all the other 'what if's' going through my head. Believe me, there are LOTS!

I just came from physical therapy and I have mentioned before how much I like my PT and how we talk the whole time she is killing  working on me. She was laughing at me today because I seem to always want things to be different than they are or I am always thinking 'what if' kind of stuff. For instance, I asked her, "What if I'm not better by the time my insurance is done paying for visits?" Then I said, "I hope it's pretty tomorrow." I could give you more examples, but you get the idea. I am ALWAYS thinking ahead and it adds to the tension and pain in my body. I also ignore my body and clean (and move dressers:) when I shouldn't be! And I wonder why I keep taking 2 steps forward and 1-2 steps back with  my pain.

I said all that to say that I just need to learn that 'it is what it is'. Why can't I just live in the now and be at peace and content. The therapist suggested that I go to behavioral therapy, but I'm not really up for that. I'm not sure I need therapy (although I might:), but one thing I AM sure of is that I NEED GOD! I've been really thinking about this verse this week:

"The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace..." Romans 8:6

The mind controlled by the Spirit (of God) is LIFE and PEACE! I do NOT have peace when I am trying to control or figure everything out! I know this in my head, but need to LIVE IT:)

How about you? Can any of you relate to my struggle? I know I'm not alone in this~we could all just go to therapy together:)  

Apr 26, 2011


I seriously did not mean to go so long between post! I have not been on the computer as much lately and it has actually been kind of nice:) I have been trying to get some priorities straight around here and it feels good to slow down and rethink some things. Tomorrow is my LAST CLEANING DAY!!!! I am excited beyond belief and have been feeling like I am somehow starting over. I have had more motivation to do things around my own house! I spent all day yesterday cleaning  (my house) and LOVED the feeling of accomplishment~and the feeling of pain meds., hehe:) It's amazing how quiting my job is helping me look at life through a different set of eyes! My eating is better, my mood is better, my body~not so much~yet.

Just wanted to pop in and say "HI" and I'm still here! I hope to be back to regular posting soon:) Thanks for stopping by!