Jun 15, 2011

Work to Do

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Hey there! I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to start posting more often and then~I got a laptop! Yay! It's not a brand new one but it will save my poor back from sitting at the desktop too long. Because I now have this laptop, I can blog from anywhere which will be SUPER nice! I just have some work to do to get everything going on the laptop. it was my son's and there are some things I need to change etc. I also need to download my camera software (which I first need to find!) in order to post any pictures. AND, I need to find a way to keep a certain someone in my house from leaving the laptop on constantly and running my battery completely out! I am actually on the desktop now because my laptop died during the night:( Not to worry though~it is currently being revived. Anyway, hopefully I will be in full swing soon!

I taught yoga yesterday and can I just say I LOVE what I do now!! It was such an awesome class and the ladies are just fabulous! I also have two young boys (9&10) in my class and they do GREAT! One of them is SO cute because he takes me serious when I remind them to make sure they are breathing~SO cute! I love to hear him doing his deep breathing:) We are in the process of finding another place to meet so that I won't have to pay so much rent. I do have a small prayer request too. Not only do we need to find another building, but I would appreciate prayer for growth in the class and prayer that I would receive enough donations to help bring in some income for my family. I am VERY pleased with the turn out so far, but my desire is for the class to really reach a lot of people. As for donations, people are being generous, but by the time I pay what I think is a high rent, I don't make much profit. I'm not in this for the money, but making some certainly wouldn't hurt. I also have a facebook page now that you can 'like' and it would help spread the word:)

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