Nov 9, 2010


Do you like to wait? I don't, and I have never been very good at it. God is helping me learn though. I received my yoga teacher certification the first week of Oct. and have been waiting on God to see where HE would lead me to teach. I am teaching at my church each week and loving that, but that is 45 minutes away from my home and I am also looking for places to teach close to where I live. I have always been the type A person that wants something and I go after it with everything in me. I usually don't take the time to stop and pray or seek counsel from others and THAT usually means I get myself into a mess!! Throughout this whole process of getting certified to teach yoga, God has given me the grace to wait on Him and not take off headed for a cliff. For that I am grateful!! It's almost to the point that I start to take a step and I hear that still small voice telling me to wait for Him. This is so new to me!! Not that I have never heard that still small voice before, but that I am actually trying to listen:) I think my health is one avenue God is using to teach me to wait. I KNOW that if I step out on my own I am done for!!

Anyway, I am very blessed to have someone who is so excited about me teaching that she already has about 15 ladies waiting. I have students, but no place~yet. I am trusting that God will bring me to the right place. I spoke with a Christian school yesterday about using their facilities and now-- I am just waiting. Did I mention I don't like to wait?:) I did find another place to teach that I may take on Sat. mornings, but it is not in a good location for all these ladies that are already wanting to come. The cool thing about the Sat. morning place is that the lady that rents it out is willing to advertise for me etc. She was very excited to have someone offer to teach there!! So, I see doors cracking open. I have two possible places and will continue to wait on God to swing the doors wide open for me:)

What have you been waiting for?

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope." Ps. 130:5


  1. thanks for sharing...i love to hear your heart...keep on waiting, it's always worth it!!!!

    for freedom - jami

  2. It'll happen! At JUST the right time :-) Meanwhile, I really look forward to every Friday afternoon! Hope your week is a good one!

  3. I hope you find the place to teach really soon! How cool to already have students waiting for you! That is so awesome!

  4. it'll all work out...I know it will.

    I hate waiting too, but mostly in my past it was waiting for really TOUGH times to be over so life can be more lighthearted and dare I say FUN.

    in all that waiting I learned to find peace, contentment and even happiness. a lot has not changed (and some has) and I don't think about waiting anymore.
    it's nice!

    take care my friend!