Mar 15, 2011


What's all the excitement about? Well, my son FINALLY got a car!! Do you know what this means? Let me just paint the picture for you. He is 18 and in college classes 5 days a week and two nights a week. He has a girlfriend that lives about 30 minutes from our house and she doesn't have a car either. I work two days a week and have physical therapy usually two days a week, not to mention grocery shopping etc. So, you can imagine how tricky it has been to get my son where he needs to be at the same time I need to be somewhere. Talk about stressful! I am excited beyond belief that this stress has been lifted off of me!

My kids don't seem to understand that even driving around here and there can be exhausting for someone like me. Like, they REALLY don't get it. I know it has been hard for them to understand why I have such a hard time doing certain things or being on the go all the time. Now, I will be able to be home more instead of going out every single day~woohoo!! There is also the fact that sometimes I would let my son take my car but then that meant if I did NEED to go somewhere, I couldn't. So happy that the problem is solved and he can take his own car to school, work and dating:)

As a follow up to my post yesterday, I have decided to stay on naltrexone, at least until I can talk to my Dr. again. I am trying 5-HTP again and praying that I will feel the benefits from that. No more Savella! I took one dose yesterday morning, but none after that and I can already tell a difference in how weak I was feeling. I didn't sleep well at all last night though, but at least I don't have to run my son everywhere!:) Did I mention that I'm excited about that?!

By the way, sorry I'm not too on top of putting pictures in my post, but I decided when I started this blog that I would not let picureless post keep me from blogging if I felt like blogging:) Have a great day!


  1. Hooray for the car, Yes it must of been tricky for you to juggle all of that at once , yikes!

    I got real sick of the Savella after about 4 days into not a very good med I would say.

    Hope your having A Beautiful Day.

  2. I so relate! My son just got his license and a car. I have been driving him to tech school 30 minutes one way, 5 days a week and then picking him up 2 hours later. No one "got" why that would exhaust me.

    Anyway, I have been reading your blog and find it very helpful and informative. (I have been diagnosed with CF and have a few other tests pending.) Nice to "meet" you. :)

  3. Hi Lorie!
    Nice to 'meet' you too! Your schedule driving your son sounds a lot like mine and it WAS exhausting. So sorry to hear that you also have CF. Praying that your other test come back good:)

  4. I am so glad he has a car!!!!! Yeah!!!! I totally understand why that would exhaust you, that just sounds exhausting. I hope you enjoy the "free" time that you now have from driving!