Mar 18, 2011

Need to Clean it up a Bit

Over the years, I have read LOTS of diet and health books~and I do mean LOTS! Right now I'm reading a book called 'Why We Hurt'. It's not a diet book, but he does talk a lot about how diet can affect our health in positive or not so positive ways. I have probably been on every diet known to mankind, either trying to lose weight or trying to feel better. I haven't really found a specific diet to help with fibro. and I don't think there is one out there. What I DO know, is that eating good, whole, clean foods is best for overall health. It seems like no matter what you read about health, eating whole foods is a common theme. It doesn't matter if you are reading about grain free, low-fat, vegan or whatever. I think most people would agree that whole foods are best regardless of what type of diet you follow. Now, of course, that doesn't mean that we all eat the foods we should. Our taste buds crave all kinds of sugary, processed foods. Our taste buds can be our worst enemies!

The more I read about the benefits of eating whole foods, the more I realize, I'm not doing a very good job at it. You may be asking what a whole food is. Well, it's whole grain oats (the slow cooking kind) instead of boxed cereal. That is just one example. The more a food is 'messed' with before it gets to your table, the less whole it is. Lately, I have been feeling like I am eating way too many processed grains: blue corn chips, gluten free bread, rice pasta, gluten free crackers and cookies. Thankfully, my body starts letting me know that it wants REAL food, like veggies and fruit! The more processed food we eat, the more we usually want.

I have gotten bored with food and have not been motivated to cook. I found myself yesterday wanting a BIG yummy salad, but didn't feel like fixing it and didn't have much on hand to make it an interesting salad. So, what did I eat instead: a sandwich on gluten free bread with blue corn chips on the side. Then I went searching for dessert, but didn't have any. 

I am hoping that today, I will have the motivation to eat more things like this:
Black bean burger with sweet potato

fresh peaches

salad with edamame

green smoothie

These are the kinds of foods that I want to be eating! They do make me feel better than processed food! So, why am I not eating like this? I need to go to the store and I have been lazy about my food choices. How about you, are there any food choices you need to work on?

By the way, that workout yesterday~GOT ME!! More on that another day. Let's just say, I need to learn moderation!! I'm off to physical therapy and will most likely get lectured about overdoing it! Have a great day!

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  1. I am finally getting back to eating better. Usually, I eat foods as chemical free and minimally processed as possible. But when I was working a lot the past three months I stopped cooking from scratch.

    I was too tired to do a lot of cooking. So, I ate processed foods which made me feel horrible. Feeling bad left me with no energy to cook and the terrible cycle kept going.

    While I am still recovering from that whole thing, I am cooking and eating better.

    Your food choices look great.