Mar 26, 2011

Time on my Mat:)

Ahh, I finally spent some time on my yoga mat this morning! I haven't done yoga in what seems like forever! I have learned a lot about my body since going to physical therapy and my view of yoga is changing~for the better. Before, I looked at yoga as 'exercise' and a 'workout'. I wanted to get the most out of my practice~as in gaining 7 lbs. of muscle over the last year. I always thought that if I didn't sweat and feel like I was going to kill over, then I didn't do enough or do it right. Fast forward to now~I just want to be on my mat! I just want the quiet and stillness that yoga brings. I want to slow down and pay attention to what I'm feeling!

One thing I have learned through physical therapy is that I don't breathe right. You would think that as long as you're alive, you must be breathing right, but that is not always the case. I read somewhere (don't remember where) that 98% of people do not breathe properly. I do what is called paradoxical breathing and it is not good for my health. It basically means that when I inhale, my belly typically moves inward instead of expanding out and making space for more air. When you inhale, your belly should get bigger! When you exhale, your belly should sink in. Pay attention to how you are breathing today and see if you may need to work on breathing properly:)

In light of what I have learned about my breathing, I spent this morning's yoga practice REALLY focusing on my breath. I moved very deliberately, very slowly, and very cautiously. I didn't worry about doing all my favorite challenging poses. I played a very slow, relaxing CD and tried to listen to my body. I don't think I hurt myself this time! I think I'll call my new style of yoga 'Slow Motion Yoga':)

I also like to have a scripture or something to ponder in my practice. This is what I focused on this morning: 

   "Oh, dear heart, what is your condition? Are you torn with anguish? Are you sorely distressed? Are you lonely? Are you pushed aside? Then cry to God. No one else can help you. He is your only hope. Wonderful hope! Cry to Him, for He can help you. I tell you, in that cry of yours will be the pure and true worship God desires. He desires a sincere cry far more than the slaughter of ten thousand rams or the pouring out of rivers of oil (Mic. 6:7)... See then, poor, weeping, and distracted ones, that it is not ritualism, it is not the performance of pompous ceremonies, it is not bowing and struggling, it is not using sacred words, but it is crying to God in the hour of trouble that is the most acceptable sacrifice your spirit can bring before the throne of God."
                                                                         Charles Spurgeon
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


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  3. Breathing is the one thing I have to really teach my vocal students as like you said, 98% of people breath wrong. They do in singing too. I am glad you were able to practice some yoga today! I do hope you are having a better day!!!!!

  4. So glad you are enjoying the Yoga and breathing properly - that is amazing that so many of us breathe incorrectly! Also thanks for sharing that quote!

  5. Hi Kimberly,
    Love the new blog, and so excited to hear you're back on the mat. My practice seems to have evolved along the same lines - at first, it was all about getting in a workout, but now it's just about moving and staying sane! Haven't spent much time on the mat lately, and I miss it. Just so unmotivated these days and really just trying to be outside when I get a break for some fresh I just need to make sure I'm breathing it in properly. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Beautiful (and happy!) new background Kim! Love it :-) Hope you're getting a relaxing Sunday afternoon in. I am so far - although my carpets are screaming for a vacuum...they might just have to scream until tomorrow though.~

  7. Hi Kimberly
    LOVE the changes you made to your blog! It's so cute!!!

    I don't breathe right either. I've known that for a super long time and I still have to work at it. Amazingly running has helped to that end.

    Yoga is beautiful when it's just about your movement and not about a workout. I get caught in that rut a lot because my head just can't get over a workout not being a sweaty mess.

    Good for you!
    be well!