Mar 16, 2011

We'll See...

Do you like to exercise? I DO!! About 12-13 years ago I learned to love exercise for the first time in my life. I had three young children and had some weight leftover from pregnancy that I wanted to lose. So, I learned to exercise and found that it made me feel really good. My main form of exercise has changed over the years from one thing to another, but I have been pretty consistent with doing something. I have done FIRM workouts a LOT along with some other videos I had. I never had a gym membership and didn't see the need for one. Over the last few years, my main form of exercise has been lots of walking and cleaning houses for a living. Then, almost two years ago I added yoga to my list of favorites. I also have a history with some dance.

When my fibro. became full blown about 8 months ago, my ability to exercise was greatly challenged. I found it very difficult to do even the simplest things that I used to love to do! I think this has been one of the hardest parts of fibro. and chronic fatigue. Right now, my physical therapist isn't recommending that I do anything other than some walking~which I tend to even overdo that. In a nutshell, not being able to exercise like I have in the past is driving me CRAZY!! My brain wants to do so much more!! So, today I walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and then decided I wanted to try to do some of this:

This is the New York City Ballet workout that I used to do a LOT. I have used the book so much that it is literally falling apart! I did refrain from doing the whole thing though. It felt SO good! I did the ab exercises (most of them) and the floor exercises. I can not lay flat on my back, so I made sure I put a pillow under my head to support my neck. My PT had me have x-rays of my neck recently and there are some issues that were concerning, so I have to be pretty careful.

Anyway, I am just really praying that what I did today will not aggravate my body! Sometimes I don't realize I've overdone it until it's too late~like the time I tried to do P90X~not the smartest decision I've ever made. I just want to find something that I can do that won't hurt me! I feel like I am losing a lot of muscle and turning into a blob of flab! Will my body be able to handle a ballet workout? I guess we'll see~


  1. I hope it leaves you feeling good and strong with no negative effects.

  2. I used to like to exercise, especially Dance, but once I started getting sick in my 20s I stopped. I could still walk at that time so I would take long walks and listen to music while I walked. After the vasculitis and the blood clot, I could no longer walk. I so miss it. I hope you don't have problems tomorrow with your exercising today!

  3. Wow, you are brave. The only exercise that I enjoy is when it comes from doing something else, like gardening or cleaning (I clean houses for a living, too).

    I recently took a three month job that was very physical...too much. I am still trying to recover.

    I hope to hear you feel good from your workout.


  4. Lorie,
    That's cool that you clean houses too!! It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it:) I used to clean a lot more than I do now~had to cut back to 2 houses a week due to health.

  5. Hi, I can't exercise at all either. Its been over 3 years. My body is pretty beaten up...lots of muscular and digestive issues...not sure if repair is gonna happen. Trying to be positive. You seem to cope well and to follow a very specific diet. Keep chugging through. You're a positive spirit.