Mar 28, 2011

A Taxing Day

Today has been a LONG day!! It started out with this:
SNOW!! Seriously?!

I thought it was supposed to be SRING! Does that look like spring to you? I didn't think so! It didn't stick around long though so all is good. I'm not a big fan of snow~especially at the end of March.

Today was TAX day~ugh! Before I could get started on taxes, I had to tidy up a bit. I can't concentrate when things are all in disarray. My cats have decided that finding any available paper and shredding it into 5 billion pieces is a fun hobby. I am NOT a fan of their new form of entertainment! I cleaned all that up and then decided I needed to dust and vacuum the computer room. Have you ever noticed that the more you clean, the more you find to clean? I HATE it when that happens!

I eventually was able to sit down and get to work on the dreaded taxes and I decided to get my daughter involved. We home school and I thought what better way for her to learn some 'real life' skills. She was actually very helpful:) We worked until well past lunch and didn't even realize it! The problem with taxes, or ours anyway, is that I have to spend HOURS making sure everything is right because I am self-employed. I have decided being self-employed is a royal pain in the neck! Not only does it make taxes harder, we have to pay self-employment taxes which eats up some of what little income I make. I finally finished up about 7 this evening and then proceeded to head straight for the pain meds.:) Sitting at the computer ALL day does a number on the back!!

All in all, it was a decent day. The snow didn't stick around, taxes are done and my daughter learned a thing or two. Now I am ready to go chill. I have been on this computer long enough:)

Did any of you get snow? Do you find it easier to concentrate when things are tidy?

In other news, I am now able to reply to your comments through email (if your email address is available). Look forward to 'chatting' with more of my readers:)


  1. I, too, am self employed and I agree, the self employment tax eats up a lot of what i make. I am glad your daughter got some "real" tastes of real problems. We didn't get snow, thank goodness for that. Glad your snow didn't stay. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you now that the taxes are done. Oh, yes, the more I clean the more I find to clean. I do do some things better when things are cleaned.

  2. Wow! You did a lot today...great job!

    I also can't concentrate when there is clutter. And cleaning always leads to more cleaning for me.

    We had a dusting of snow on Sunday but it didn't stick.

    BTW, I love the new look of your blog.