Dec 29, 2010

Savella~Good News and Bad News

So, today is day 8 on Savella and I have both good and bad to share so far. I have been super surprised by the lack of bad side affects I have had ! The very first day  I had a little nausea and just a little here and there since increasing my dose. I am supposed to increase my dose again tomorrow and I am hoping the nausea won't get worse when I do. Still, the nausea from this is nothing compared to what I felt when I first tried Cymbalta~GAG!  I've noticed I have felt hot a few times, but nothing unbearable. It's just weird because if I'm hot you know something is amiss:) So far, that's about it as far as side affects go and I'm so thankful. I have read that some people start having more side affects after they have been on it longer, but I'm hoping that won't be the case with me. I have noticed a decrease in my appetite, but more about that in a minute.

As far as how the Savella is working: hmm, I am noticing WAY less stiffness in the mornings! I think it is helping with overall pain, just not pain free~yet. I am usually in pain later on in the day because I seem to be having trouble pacing myself and I end up hurting. It still amazes me how little it takes for me to have 'overdone it' and that is extremely frustrating!  It's weird though, I felt more relief the first few days I was on it than I have these last several days. It IS helping some, just not a drastic change yet. My energy is a bit better, but again, not great yet. So, the good news is~I feel some improvement and hope to feel more!

The bad news is~my husbands insurance is changing as of Jan.1st and we found out that his new insurance will not pay for Savella unless my Dr. convinces them that I have tried other things and that I really need this drug! This is SO frustrating to me! Our insurance that we have had for YEARS always helped with ANY medication~even Savella and now I have to PROVE that I need it, ARGH!! Without insurance, it will cost 274.00 a month and I am just not willing to do that! Even with insurance it was 56.00 and I thought that was a  stretch. Anyway, I am praying that the insurance company will cooperate. Who knows, I may find after a while that it doesn't help enough to fool with it, but I want to at least give it time to see.

Now, a little more about the decrease in appetite. I have TOTALLY stopped neurontin!! I realized that it was making me want to eat like a crazy person so I started researching it a little more~I research EVERYTHING by the way:) I also mentioned it to my internal med. Dr. and the rheumatologist that I saw (whom I didn't like). They both said that it is bad for increased appetite and weight gain. I had not really gained a lot, only a few pounds that I have now lost, but I felt completely out of control with my eating while taking neurontin. That was driving me nuts! My Dr. was really concerned about me going off of neurontin and told me to try cutting it back, but that didn't help.
Liquid Vitamin taste awful by the way! Mix with juice:)
 I am now taking magnesium with malic acid before bed and it seems to be helping me sleep. I am also taking a liquid vitamin (in the morning) that is full of amino acids and all kinds of good stuff. A lot of people  lose their appetite on Savella, but I think mine is just getting back to normal. I am eating less and feeling more satisfied when I eat, but I don't know if it's the Savella or stopping neurontin.

The main reason I wanted to share all of this is because I know how helpful it has been for me to read other people's experiences. I hope this is helpful to someone and I will keep you posted about any further improvement or side affects. Have a great day!!

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