Dec 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We are getting our first snow of the season today! I'm not really crazy about cold weather and snow, but oh well. Might as well not complain about something I have no control over:) It is pretty, just makes things a little inconvenient. Then again, why do we always think things should be convenient? My oldest son has a 4-wheel drive truck so he is braving the weather to go pick up his girlfriend and my younger son's girlfriend. Boy, that was weird to type. You see, I just met my younger sons girlfriend last night! This is the first time he has dated anyone, so I haven't quiet got that in my head yet. My kids are growing up!! How weird it will be when they are all grown and married! Anyway, hubby is at Wal-Mart getting new tires on his car and is bringing the goods home for me to fix spaghetti and meatballs. 

I saw my Dr. yesterday and it was a good visit. He is such a great Dr.! I was voicing my concerns about having to resort to taking meds. and he kept reassuring me that I had done everything I could have done to avoid drugs. I don't know why I have struggled so with that decision! I was thinking this morning that it may just be my ugly pride. I think deep down, I think I should be stronger than fibro. or chronic fatigue. I think I should be able to 'beat it' somehow and I have been humbled by the fact that I can't! Anyway, I'm taking Cymbalta, nuerontin and pain meds. when needed. I know a lot of people can't take Cymbalta, but I'm hoping it will work for me. It is making me pretty queezy, but I think it will pass. He said to give it two weeks.

I better run now~I'm gonna have three extra teens for dinner tonight. Good times!:)

Psalm 29: 23 "A man's pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor."


  1. your first snow was impressive!

    really beautiful, but yes I can see how inconvenient it makes EVERYTHING

    my teenager is starting to date, and it's sweet.

    they DO grow fast, no?

  2. Nice! Whereabouts do you live? I live in the Chicago suburbs, we just had our first snow yesterday too. It looks sooo beautiful! I'm just thankful it wasn't on a weekday so I didn't have to drive out in the first snowfall...which always ends up meaning a longer than already too long commute, gah! ;)

    Congrats to your son, how fun! I'm sure that's a really neat stage of life...watching them go through that process. I'll pray for you not to have too much worry or anxiety with all that, I'm sure it's not easy!

    I'm with you...I always thought I had to find other ways to beat it, that I had to be stronger somehow, that drugs weren't the way to go. But you know, God gave the people who developed those medicines the knowledge and ability to test and research them so they could be used for us in the is day and age. Maybe you had a sister in Christ putting that prescription into the bottle and didn't even know it. Maybe God's honoring the work and hands of someone else because he knows it's something you will benefit from. If those meds are going to help you right now and will help give you the ability and strength to do more things, then it's not a bad thing. I think it's important that we find out all we can about meds before we go on them, and that we try our best not to stay on them for life, we don't use them just as a crutch but that we are still dealing with our symptoms instead of just finding ways to cover them up. If our symptoms just turn us into mushy lumps on logs that just sit around, what good is that?

    May God always get the honor and glory...whether we're on meds, natural herbs, or other the end of the day it's all about Him and that we're doing what we can to point others to Him. If that means you have to take Cymbalta to do it, so be it.

    Just my two cents :) - I sooo appreciate you!!!

  3. Rochelle,
    I live in Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is beautiful when it snows! Thanks for the encouragement about going on medication. XOXO